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At AAE we are kind leaders who value diversity in our community and strive to learn and respect other peoples’ points of view.

24 Years of Accreditation

This year marks 24 years of accreditation with @CogniaOrg for The Academy of Academic Excellence! This milestone recognizes our commitment to a high-quality education and improvement for every one of our students.

The Academy of Academic Excellence is celebrating 45 years since we first became accredited with @CogniaOrg in 1999! We’re so excited to have reached this milestone symbolizing a commitment to improvement for every student we have served.

Accreditation Certificate – Academy of Academic Excellence




At the Academy of Academic Excellence, learning is more than what we do — it is who we are. AAE is redefining learning by rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach to learning solutions. Our children are taught at the appropriate level of difficulty orally, visually, and kinesthetically. Each child is unique and so is their learning experience. Our teaching strategies do not seek surface-level memorization but instead invoke critical thinking, analysis, and application skills.