Welcome to the Leaders Club!

Differentiated instruction is a key feature of education at AAE. We know our students’ individual learning needs and we set into practice effective strategies for meeting those needs. Upper elementary students apply their growth mindset and leadership skills in their daily interactions with others.

Our Upper Elementary classroom environment

Allows students to find a love of learning, develop self-esteem, foster an interest in community through a service learning project, and create lasting friendships — all while being academically challenged.

Upper elementary students will receive:

  • Cluster Grouping with like-ability peers
  • Rigorous and relevant classwork
  • Instruction based on higher-level thinking skills
  • Creative Writing instruction
  • Socratic Seminars

Upper elementary students frequently take field trips to bring their learning to life. One of our favorite trips every year is when students have the privilege of heading to Virginia Beach for a private kayaking excursion where they get to put their oceanography knowledge to the test in a real world situation.