How is AAE re-defining learning?

Children are taught at the appropriate level of difficulty orally, visually, and kinesthetically. Our learning solutions do not take the one-size-fits-all approach. Each child is unique and so is their learning experience. Our teaching strategies do not seek surface level memorization but instead invoke analysis and application. Our students seek a deeper learning to understand.

Our DIFFERENTIATED CURRICULUM speaks to the needs of each individual student. Our curriculum is:

  • Accelerated
  • Complex
  • In-Depth
  • Challenging
  • Creative


Research has shown that students in multi-age environments excel at one year ahead of their peers when compared to alternative environments. After an assessment, students are grouped based on their abilities rather than their age for math and language arts. Students are grouped with similar-aged peers for other subjects to promote social and emotional growth.


At the core of educating your child are our phenomenal teachers. AAE requires lead teachers to have a Master’s level education or above. New teachers participate in a one-year apprenticeship to learn the AAE philosophy before they’re assigned to a classroom.

In the classroom, children are taught at a mastery level. What does that mean? It means children are able to complete at-home assignments without parental assistance. Parents are welcomed to review and discuss homework with their child but will never be asked to teach new material. This frees parents up from spending hours on homework and fosters family time at home.


Far From Ordinary

The Academy of Academic Excellence, a private elementary school in Richmond, Virginia, is dedicated to offering enrichment classes to enhance our paradigm that ‘all children are gifted and talented‘. Our students participate in diverse, thoughtful, and fun extracurricular activities!

AAE offers a diverse enrichment catalog to round out the learning experience for our students. Our enrichment program includes:

  • Daily Spanish
  • Weekly Student Dissertations
  • Swim Lessons
  • Chess Club
  • Sports Clinics
  • Art Lessons
  • Photography
  • Yoga


AAE promotes an open and collaborative learning culture. Our students not only learn how to share ideas with one another, but they also value and invite other perspectives.

Critical thinking is an important development skill, so we introduce and develop critical thinking abilities in each child starting with our youngest students. AAE creates a culture where children do not want to leave school at the end of the day.

Tests do not scare our students because they are not afraid of what they don’t know. Students are eager to demonstrate strategies they are learning.

At AAE, children learn how they contribute to the school and the world at large. One of the ways we teach that is through the school’s mini economy. Each student is assigned a job and therefore contributes to the operation of our school. Older students are taught how to balance a checkbook, a true life skill.

We’ve created a paradigm shift in your typical learning culture. It is just another way AAE is redefining learning.

Information by Level

Our Pre-K program is where we lay the groundwork for creating lifelong learners. At AAE, we focus on the talents of each student and build upon them. Our goal is to create an environment where students love to come to school each and every day while being challenged academically. Students are met at their appropriate level of difficulty in reading and math which allows for tremendous progress throughout the school year. Pre-K students are introduced to the children’s literacy program, The Letter People, which provides an excellent foundation of phonics skills to enable the students to find both success and fun in reading. In mathematics our math manipulatives can’t be beat! The curriculum focuses on the development of number and number sense, patterns, and problem solving. Our Pre-K students have full access to our specials including Art, P.E., Music, STEM, Leadership, Creative Writing, Science Lab, and Swimming Lessons.

Our Lower Elementary program is both rigorous and relevant, all while instilling a love of learning in our students. Our small class sizes allow each individual student to receive differentiated instruction at their appropriate level. Students love coming to AAE because they are immersed in an environment where they are empowered to share their point-of-view and take academic risks to promote positive intellectual growth. Key components include critical thinking, making real world connections, utilizing a growth mindset, safe and effective use of technology, and building individual leadership skills through multiple disciplines. Come and see us for yourself!

Welcome to The Leaders Club of Upper Elementary! Differentiated instruction is a key feature of education at AAE. We know our students’ individual learning needs and set into practice effective strategies for meeting those needs. Upper elementary students apply their growth mindset and leadership skills in their daily interactions with others. Our Upper Elementary classroom environment allows students to find a love of learning, develop self-esteem, foster an interest in community through a service learning project, and create lasting friendships all while being academically challenged.

Upper Elementary students will receive:

  • Cluster groupings with like-ability peers
  • Rigorous and relevant classwork
  • Instruction based on higher-level thinking skills
  • Creative Writing instruction
  • Socratic Seminars

Upper elementary students frequently take field trips to bring their learning to life. One of our favorite trips every year is when upper students have the privilege of heading to Virginia Beach for a private kayaking excursion where they get to put their oceanography knowledge to the test in a real world situation.

Today’s students need instruction for jobs that have not even been created yet. We must provide our learners with the tools and strategies to be successful in the future. Students at AAE create, design, and innovate. They problem-solve and collaborate. Students are given opportunities to refine and further develop those skills.

Students will:

  • Utilize current technology as a tool
  • Participate in STEM and engineering activities
  • Learn to code and use Scratch
  • Develop leadership skills through collaboration with peers and adults
  • Have access to accelerated curriculum options
  • Create, Innovate, and Invent
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Utilize a 3D printer
  • Experiment with robotics
  • Progress through the engineering process

The AAE Spanish Program is pioneered by Señorita Mercedes. Because Señorita Mercedes was born in Paraguay and is fully bilingual, she is able to bring the Spanish language to life with real world connections. Students start taking Spanish class in Pre-K and the classes run until the end of Fifth Grade. By the time students leave AAE for middle school, they have an advantage in foreign language.

Students gain an understanding on how to converse in Spanish including greetings, asking and answering questions, stating opinions, making comparisons, and describing common situations. Our AAE super star students are also able to both read and write in Spanish upon leaving the Fifth Grade! ¡Gracias por leer!