“Intelligence is not what you know but what you do when you don’t know.”

– Albert Einstein


The Academy’s purpose is to create an effective and collaborative learning environment that includes a variety of programs customized to enhance each child’s talents, abilities, interests, potential, and refinement areas. To maintain teacher accountability in selecting objectives to differentiate for the appropriate level of difficulty, and to monitor and adjust while inspiring within each child a life-long love of learning.


The Academy of Academic Excellence believes that every child possesses distinct talents. Its climate is one that inspires creativity, encourages curiosity, supports thinking outside the box, exposes children to innovative ideas, teaches wise decision-making and problem-solving abilities, instills leadership skills and good citizenship, empowers students to express their points of view, and cultivates an insatiable love of learning.

The school fosters an environment that offers a tremendous wealth of learning strategies for Pre-Kindergarten to fifth graders. With a low student/teacher ratio, our school seeks to identify the learning style of each student and utilizes a variety of techniques such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, questioning, collaboration, and graphic organizers that strengthen high-level thinking skills and develop unique ways of looking at information.

The Academy of Academic Excellence embraces multicultural students from diverse backgrounds. The world is our classroom where academics, fine arts, foreign language, technology, physical education, and 21st century skills are expertly woven together by integrating talents of master artisans, students, faculty, families and our community.