Chloe Fortin

Chloe Fortin is a Pre-K Teacher and Music Teacher.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Ms. Fortin has her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with a concentration in Choral Studies. Ms. Fortin is currently the President of the Richmond Music Teacher’s Association (RMTA) which is a nonprofit organization representing music teachers in the Richmond and surrounding area. The goal of RMTA is the advancement of musical knowledge through discussions, research, and performance opportunities for students. Additionally, she has a certification in Level 1 Orff pedagogy and is a certified Pre-K through Grade 12 teacher in Virginia. She is an opera singer and plays a multitude of different instruments including piano, guitar, violin, upright bass, and many more. When she is not at AAE teaching Pre-K or music, she is at her studio where she conducts piano and voice lessons with students of all ages.

Ms. Fortin loves traveling the world while learning and experiencing other cultures. She has spent 5 weeks in Sicily teaching English over the summer, feeding and taking care of elephants in Thailand, traversing glaciers and lava tunnels in Iceland, and catching FIFA World Cup experiences in England. When she is not busy traveling the world, she likes to hone in her culinary skills at home with her cats, Aze and Schmitty.