Chloe Fortin

Chloe Fortin is a Pre-K Teacher, Music Teacher, and Song Leader.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Ms. Fortin has her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with a concentration in Choral Studies. She has a certification in Level 1 Orff pedagogy and is a certified Pre-K through Grade 12 teacher in Virginia. She is an opera singer and plays a multitude of different instruments including piano, guitar, violin, upright bass, and many more. When she is not at AAE teaching Pre-K or music, she is at her studio where she conducts piano and voice lessons with students of all ages. Chloe enjoys travelling the world and learning and experiencing other cultures. She spent 5 weeks in Sicily teaching English last summer. When she is not traveling the world, she likes to hang out with her two affectionate black cats, Aze and Schmitty.